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Our Products

Humic Acid Liquid

Under the supervision of our expert team, we offer an extensive range of Humic Acid Liquid, which is a natural acidic organic polymer. This humic acid is mine out of sediment, aquatic environments or humus found in soil. Our range of these chemicals is different from others as it is a free assembly of aromatic polymers of various reactivity and acidity.  

Amino Acid Powder
We present a diverse range of superior quality Amino Acid Powderor liquid form (soya base/ maize / glutin) that widely find its application in various companies in India. These are used for the protection and growth of all types of crops. We offer this amino acid power at competitive price and as per the requirement of our clients.
Amino Acid Granules

We are expertise in offering a wide range of Amino Acid Granulesthat is plays a vital role in biochemistry. Amino acids consist of various elements like nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. These are closely examined on various required parameters before delivering it to our respected clients to ensure its superior quality and reliability.  

Pride (Mix Micronutrients)

Human body cannot survive only on carbohydrates. It also needs a list of vitamins, calcium and proteins. In a similar manner, crops cannot simply survive on NPK. For a complete growth of a healthy crop, micro-nutrients such as iron, zinc, copper, boron and molybdenum are needed. It is proven that the sole use of NPK to deficient soil usually leads to lesser productivity of crops. A good crop is made of 16 nutrients. Micro- nutrients provides all of them and hence, must be used along with NPK.

Benefits of pride:

  • It contains the six most important nutrients that are needed for a good crop
  • Makes the crop resistant to diseases
  • Serves the dual purpose of an effective crop growth stimulator, rich in quality, quantity, taste and color, along with ensuring the reduction in shedding of leaves, flower and fruits
  • It's nutrients help in crop metabolism, which is directly related to exemplary growth of all parts of the crop such as, roots, stems, leaves and flowers. This in turn is directly related to a larger and healthier yield.

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Gladiator  (Triple Shakti)

With an apt combination of humid acid, amino, acid and nitrobenzene, Gladiator is a natural granular fertilizer. The presence of Humic acid helps in an exemplary growth of white roots, which ultimately leads to a healthier crop. It makes the plant capable enough to absorb soil nutrients by itself, so as to lend it great health and strength. Some other benefits of Gladiator are as follows:


  • Fruit quality, quantity, color and taste is multiplied with the presence of Amino acid and bio-stimulants
  • Blatant and outstanding changes are seen in the crop in terms of strength, flower induction with the presence of nitrobenzene which gives the crop a much necessary boost
  • Gladiator keeps in mind the needs of the crop and accordingly provides a slow and constant supply of natural nutrients, catering to the needs of the plant and its growth
  • Gladiator, the natural granular fertilizer forms a basis of a good crop of fruits such as grapes, banana, pomegranate, mango, sopato, orange and other perennial crops. It ripens them to perfection and also helps in before time yield of crops such as sugarcane, ginger, turmeric, onion, potato, groundnut, garlic, presenting a harvest up to 10 to 15 days earlier. No hindrance is provided to the size and shape of the product. This wonder fertilizer can also be used for vegetables such as tomato, chilly, brinjal, cereals and pulses.


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Bio Fungicide
Backed with advance technology, we provide a broad range of Bio Fungicide that one of the biological organisms or chemical compounds that are highly suitable for deal with fungal spores or inhibit fungi. It also helps for animals, who suffer from fungal infections at the time it is also widely used in agriculture sector. We offer these at competitive prices in the market
Growth Power (Secondary Nutrients)

Growth power is the popularly recommended nutrient for crops, which is significant if one needs effective quality in the yield, else than just improving the production efficiency. It is a secondary nutrient that improves the color and taste of the crops, making it more customer-friendly. Fighting all crop diseases, Growth Power stops malformation of crops at the stage of their inception. Made of dual nutrients Ca, Mg & S, this secondary nutrient is a one-stop solution towards a healthy looking and good tasting crop.

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Welcome to SAR Agrochemicals & Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd

We have emerged as one of the prominent names in the chemical manufacturing and marketing industry. Our range of chemicals is mainly used in the agricultural sector and is acknowledged for positively affecting the overall yield. The range of chemicals offered by us includes Growth Power (secondary nutrients), Pride (mix micro nutrients), Gladiator (Triple shakti), Humistrong, Amistrong - 40 and Root Field. In addition to these, we are also offering Sizomore, Sizowin, Sizowin Super, Crystal and Crystal- G. Our chemicals are hygienically packaged in order to make sure their safe delivery to the specified sites.

Our operations are licensed under FCO 1985 and we have also acquired the ISO 9001:2008 certification. We put a lot of emphasis on quality management as it sets us apart from rest of our competitors. Our motto is to maintain healthy and fruitful relationships with our customers, distributors and dealers. We strive to incorporate latest technologies and methodologies in our formulation process. Our basic idea is to formulate fertilizers & other chemicals that substantially boost up the overall yield but does not affect the environment. We believe in the concept of sustainable development and aspire to contribute towards the welfare and development of the agricultural sector.


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